Travel Grant Guidelines

The travel grants were decided when the EDNSG had a special amount of money from the 2005 Papendahl meeting. It was thus decided to promote the attendance of young scientists and physicians to the Group by offering some travel grants.

Conditions of application
Candidates can apply for this travel grant at the occasion of the submission of the abstract for the next coming EDNSG meeting. Travel grant deadline corresponds to abstract deadline.

Applicant must preferably be aged below 35 years at the day of the opening of the corresponding EDNSG Annual meeting.

Application must be sent in a specific email including birth date, place of work, title of the submitted abstract and indication of the year(s) of previous travel grants selection.

The number of grants proposed each year is 6 maximum and the total amount of money cannot exceed 1/3 of the current budget of the EDNSG.

The selection is made by the program selection Committee, according to the abstract selection ranking. The following items are considered consecutively:

– submission of an abstract, yes/no

  • ranking of the abstract
  • priority to new members
  • ranking among the applicants from the same group.
  • Geographical origin (Europe/non Europe)
  • EASD membership


The number of travel grants recipients for each working group cannot exceed two.

The travel grant only consists of a reimbursement of the expenses needed to attend the EDNSG meeting. No advanced payment is allowed. The maximum amount of travel grant is 500 euros. Travel grant recipients must then provide some invoices to justify their expenses.